Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR)

The Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR) program enables Orthodox individuals, parishes or societies from around the world to provide direct financial support to Haitian Orthodox families. In cooperation with the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), the program provides direct cash support to Orthodox families and Readers.

General expenses of the HOFR program are paid by the ROCOR Mission in Haiti, the Haiti Mission Administrative Offices in Miami, Florida and the Fund for Assistance Offices in New York. This means the HOFR program delivers 100% of the money donated monthly directly and securely to recipients. Every dollar donated is transferred monthly to the personal bank accounts (opened with the aid of our priests) of a Haitian Orthodox family in need.

Those in most dire need are identified by the Haiti Orthodox Board (Council), who serve the seven Orthodox parishes throughout the country. First priority is given to families without shelter, and to those with infants and small children.

A basic commitment of $100 per month is sought for each sponsored family. For individuals or parishes that are able, a basic commitment of $200 per month will support an Orthodox Reader. These pre-seminarian Readers are at the very core of the Orthodox Faith in Haiti and their tireless service to the Church throughout the county is a vital source of its strength and growth. Please help.


Haiti Orthodox Mission (ROCOR)
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Miami, FL 33126