Photos and report from the Special Training Center Foyer d ' Amour d'Haïti, for disabled children

Report from the Special Training Center Foyer d ' Amour d'Haïti, for disabled children

Directed by: Mat. Rose C. Legouté

St Moise Le Noir Parish

The Foyer d'Amour was actively preparing for the evaluations of the second class period with all the difficulties which arise with the considerable delay in the program of the period, which caused by the dysfunction of the Country for about three months.

The project to start with the laying of ceramics in the physiotherapy room was in preparation, frequent meetings with staff and parents were in court to remind them of hygienic measures and also the danger represented by the COVID 19, especially with our children who are much more vulnerable. We were forced to close our doors after the abrupt publication of the presidential decree.

At home with the support received, we were able to get first aid medicines for our children, such as wooden strips that we use for our children with epilepsy to prevent them from eating their lips during crises, alcohol, aprons to take care of them, bandages when they brutally struck the violent movement of epilepsy and nervousness.

We were able to build recently, thanks to a benefactor, a large room for physiotherapy (unfinished construction), which will be very helpful to many children in need that are deprived of economic and transportation means. This dream service will change the lives of many children at school. We will make you live the different stages of this project in pictures soon. We have the installation of a toilet, a cloakroom inside, the ironwork, the laying of ceramic materials and painting.

Thank you for helping us,

In Christ, Mat Rose

Head of the Foyer d'Amour

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