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Report on the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside the Borders for 2015-2018

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

1- The Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside the Borders, has established itself in Haiti. In the years 1994 and since, she works to help the Haitian people at different levels. Currently headed by a board of management consisting of five members living in Haiti under the tutelage of a director abroad Father Daniel MCKENZIE. These two structures work together, carry out the prescribed norms governing the Russian Orthodox Church and ensure the proper functioning of the churches in Haiti.

2- Six (6) regular meetings are held annually according to the calendar of annual activities.

3- Two extraordinary meetings with foreign officials.

4- A general assembly bringing together the representatives of different communities for certain decisions, modifications or additions in the charter (constitutive) governing the functioning of the clergy, schools).

5- The parish meetings are held in each of the parishes of the church monthly and the reports are submitted annually by each person in charge.


6- Training seminars in the Mission throughout the year with young people, readers, sub-deacons, deacons, priests, archpriests with different themes: dealing with religious, social, economic issues, knowledge live, health, law etc .. in Haiti and abroad

7- The Saint Serge seminary(MP) in France, Paris receives since 2012, young readers and deacons for their training in theology (Three young seminarians studied in France.

8- The Jordanville Orthodox Seminary also promises to receive young people for theology courses.

Distance education is available to young Orthodox who wish to deepen their knowledge of religion. More than thirty school scholars each year.

9- The church has invested in the university education of more than forty young people who are currently independent professionals.

Number of churches in the Mission:

10. The Russian Orthodox Mission in Haiti has seven churches in seven different communities.

1- Church of Our Lady of the Nativity of Port au Prince. (Clercine)

2- Church of St Moise Le Noir -Fontamara, Carrefour Road

3- Church St Peter and St Paul - Leogane

4- St Augustine Church - Jacmel

5- Church of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco- Cayes

6- Church of St Iréné de Lyon - Maïssade

7- Church of St Nicolas in Cap Haitien.

Clergy and Parishioners

11- The clergy currently has four priests, two deacons, one sub-deacons, readers and acolytes.

12- The church has more than 3,000 baptized faithful in Haiti, we currently have a little more than a thousand active in our various churches, we suffered many twists, and the situation of misery force many Haitians to leave the Country in search of a better life.

13- The priests regularly go to the communities for vespers, the celebration of the Sunday liturgy, to visit the faithful and also to collect the grievances to convey them in the form of a report.


14- Education: our main field of intervention in the Mission:

Education being a powerful weapon in the development of a society, the only way to fight misery and ensure the evolution of a society, taking this into account, The mission is engaged in the education of children and young Haitians, wanting to participate in the development of our society.

1- The mission currently has five schools: two schools affiliated with Port-au-Prince and three schools of the Mission in three different churches.

a) - The school of St Jean Chrysostome in Les Cayes with a staff of (76) seventy-six children (preschool and basic cycle 1)

b) - School of St Iréné of Lyon with a staff of (300) three hundred children (first and second basic cycle)

c) -St Augustin School - with a staff of (100) one hundred children (preschool and basic first cycle).

Affiliated Schools:

d) -Our Lady of the Nativity (300) three hundred children (kindergaten and fundamental).

f) -House of Love Special School of Haiti for children with disabilities-

​ (200) Two hundred children living with disabilities either intellectual, physical or auditory

F- 1) -Professional school focus of love of Haiti 60 young people.

Family safety and security

- For seven years the church has established a family safety plan: (Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR)

a) - Thirty (30) Family in different communities and others receive a grant of typically 100 US dollars (one hundred) monthky on their Sogebank account that the church helped them to have through a plan sponsorships.

b) - Two widows receive a monthly salary and also money for the payment of their rent.

- Adequate responses to each situation are given, we have rescued more than two hundred (200) families after hurricane Matthew in the southern department, five distributions of food aid and hygienic, materials for the repair of more than fifty houses damaged by Matthew in the south of the country. Seven (7) other distributions of clothing for women, men and children. We support about 40 families (40) who are not part of the sponsorship plan for health issues, rent, schooling their children, funeral costs, etc.

The Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in Haiti, Russian Orthodox Church out of Frontiers in Haiti is working hard to spread the true Orthodox faith in Haiti and to improve the living conditions of its parishioners and also of the people of the communities where it is located. Different churches, we prioritize the education of children and youth on many levels, our actions are direct, concrete and effective, we can measure the results of our achievements, they are visible, palpable, We continue to work for an inclusive prosperous Haiti.

(NOTE: All of this work of the Mission is only made possible by prayer to Our Lord God and the continuing financial support of our compassionate faithful brothers of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.)

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