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Activity report of the Russian Orthodox Mission Beyond Borders / September 2020

Two great feasts marked the months of August and September in the Mission, they are the feast of St Moses the Black and the feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God .

The feast of St Moise celebrated with joy in the parish of St Moise le Noir in Fontamara with Father Jean Chénier Dumais and all our parishioners, guests, and friends etc ... we recorded 10 baptisms on these two occasions,

 We had a possession which ended the liturgy, it was wonderful, and so follows a cultural activity with the troupe "the little children of St Moise le Noir" currently led by Chrissy Legouté who took over from Anastasia in the garden of the Foyer d'Amour which is in front of our church on the same site. On the program, choreographies, songs etc ...

The Parishioners of our church have prayed a lot during this festive period for our benefactors and also for peace in our country.

It should be noted that the building housing the parish of St Moise requires major repair, the roof deserves to be renovated in times of rain, we have too many difficulties.

We share with you some shots of the feast of our patron saint.


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