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Please... look at the photos and read the appeal from Haiti & HELP the Fund for Assistance to continue the MONTHLY HOFR program Support for our many Orthodox faithful families in poverty

Apostle Paul appealed all in far away lands about the poverty in Jerusalem, they sent help.

Please... look at the photos and read the appeal from Haiti & HELP the Fund for Assistance to continue the MONTHLY HOFR program Support for our many Orthodox faithful families in poverty.

Just sent for what you can every month to the FFA HOFR Program for Haiti.

In the options "Use this donations for" select "Haiti Mission"

Mathuska Rose Legoute

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Fund manager

Coordinator of the Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR)  

Family Sponsorship Plan

Russian Orthodox Mission Beyond Borders in Haiti

The Russian Orthodox Mission Outside Borders in Haiti presents the family of Mr. Butto Ilfroid.

Mr. Butto has been a parishioner at St Moïse for several years. He, his wife and his 6 children. live in the heights of Fontamara, a suberb of Port-au-Prince.

 In the area, but in the plain, the Parish and School of St Moise Le Noir is located.

This family still lived with difficulty in a small mud house, where the children slept on the bare floor.

Butto, the dad who is a tailor by profession has been struggling for a long time with his old sewing machine. He adjusts used clothes, especially men's suits, which he buys and resells them everywhere and sometimes in offices.

He earned his living, even with great difficulty.

It has already been 12 years since Butto fell ill, could not provide medical follow-ups, the illness lasted too long, and developed renal failure, could not retain urine, and as a result he lost the mobility of his lower limbs and since then, his children could no longer go to school, his wife also had health problems and the situation of this family was so miserable, with the lack of everything.

Butto had a sore under the sole of his right foot which was infected, the children were all on the verge of dying with diarrhea, problems on their skin, malnutrition, etc.

This family was telling their story when in the past before the HOFR monthly support of the Sponsorship Plan, the children when they heard the sound of spoons from the neighbors they started to shout very loudly and took their bowl and went to where there is the food. It wasn't even enough for the neighbors' children who don't eat every day.

She goes on to explain how they too cried with the children. It was so hard for them.

His wife had to move around and he hid when the children cried from hunger so as not to see when they go to the neighbors who close their doors because they don't have enough food to share.

When the Mission in Haiti launched the call for help in the year 2016 for this family, God knew, Father Daniel understood immediately that something had to be done, to help them from the HOFR plan sponsorship.


And the help of the Plan came to this family as the greatest blessing in their life. She testified every time.

Today, thanks to the support of the plan, the infected wound is completely healed and we had the means:

1- to buy antibiotics and follow other treatments, although he always wore diapers like a child, he still cannot have this control and remained paralyzed.

2- he was able to send his 6 children to school

3- he was able to eat at least once a day

4- he was able to build with the help of the Plan and other Small Supports a large wall room abode that he was not able to completely finish.

But the children sleep better not in the earth, but on a concrete floor, they sleep without being afraid now when it rains

5- he now has a latrine, they no longer relieve themselves in the ravines

6- his wife and children now have better health

7- his wife started a small business selling charcoal, kerosene to light wick lamps and ribs for lighting in the evening.

This desperate family who lived in shame, poverty stole their dignity as humans, they were unrecognizable, they lived in filth.

One of her daughters was raped in the middle of the night in their presence because their house had no door.

8 - she was able to buy an iron door to secure their house. It was their dream for the protection of children.

 Butto always expressed his regrets for not being able to offer a minimum of security to his children, they all lived in fear of not experiencing such an affront again until the day that the solid door installed.

There are many families in Haiti like Butto's family that the donors who support the HOFR plan are saving through their generosity

The entire Mission in Haiti prays for the benefactors.

We thank them for helping many families to survive in this corner of the earth that is Haiti.

Thank you so much.

In Christ,

Mathuska Rose Legouté

Russian Orthodox Mission (ROCOR) Haiti

Through these photos you will be able to better understand the change in the life of this family.

See the first photo of the family before being sponsored and the last photo with the support of the plan and also the house before and the new one.

Please continue to help him with the complete finishing of his little house.

Thank you!


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