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Please join our program

Join our givers and become a member of Haiti Orthodox Family Relief. Read on to learn more about what it means to be a part of

Haiti Orthodox Family Relief.


Haiti Orthodox Family Relief Appeal (HOFR)

Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR) Sponsorship Program is the giving to a poor Orthodox Haitian mother the means to be able to wash, clothe and feed her needy family for one year. Some families use a portion of the aid to, for the first time, send their children to school. For those whose homes were destroyed, it will provide the possibility of slowly building, brick by brick, a small home for basic shelter. Our Haitian faithful have hope in us, to help them with their ongoing basic needs.

See "Stories from HOFR families"

   Beginning October 1st, 2020, we ask all of our HOFR donors, to change their present addressee for donating to the HOFR Fund; whether it be by Pay Pal, monthly checks, bank debit, one year “bulk Payment “ sponsorships, or any other means. From October 1st, all donations for the HOFR Program, should only be sent directly to the:

PO BOX 272                                     or via Pay Pal @
Glen cove, NY 11542     

In the Options "Use this donations for" select "Haiti Mission".


OTHER Haiti Mission Donations

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

   Notifying that ALL OTHER donations for Haiti Mission, besides HORF program, should be made out to the "Haiti Orthodox Mission" and continue to be sent to the Haiti Administration Office in Miami. These include such donations as: for priest's salaries, teaches salaries, church building, repairs or any other needs of the Mission. Please add a note on the check to specify the purpose for which the funds are to be used, or a donor may suggest, the funds be used for any purpose most needed.

Address for checks: 101 NW 46 Ave, Miami, FL 33126

or Pay Pal            

We are seeking ongoing donations of $10.
per month for the financial support of our three Haitian Priests. Without continued monthly support, our priests are unable to meet their basic living expenses which total nearly $1,000 a month each. We are asking, by the kindness of your monthly donations, to help to establish an urgently needed long term sustainable source of income for our three Haitian priests. To try to resolve this problem, Metropolitan Hilarion has blessed
the Haiti Mission Administration Office in Miami, to send this appeal to all our parishioners and to all of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

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