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Feast of Saint Nicolas, December 2019

The feast of Saint Nicolas was celebrated with vividness in the parish of Saint Nicolas at Cap Haïtien in the North of the Country where this church is located.

The parish of Saint Nicolas already 10 years old, led by Father Jean Dumais. This church is currently taking a lot of momentum - it has several new young parishioners, many have converted to the Orthodox and others are studying with Father Jean.

At this great celebration the parish priest of St Nicolas the Reverend Father Jean Dumais had planned all a series of activities with the readers and the young people in the Parish.

Baptisms, meetings, visits, song rehearsals, special prayers for benefactors, etc. were on the menu of the activities agenda as a prelude to the feast of Saint Nicolas.

This church under construction with the agreement of the owner of the land where it is located awaits adaptation work soon and hopes one day that the property would hold it.

We share the photo from the main reader of the parish Joseph Reynold on the occasion of the feast of Saint Nicolas.


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