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Haiti Celebrates the Feast of St. John of San Francisco at the newly built Church In his name.

The feast of St John in Shanghai and San Francisco mobilized all the parishioners of the Parish of St John in Les Cayes for the preparations. Father Pierre had intense services throughout this week. Two children and a young adult were baptized the day before. The feast of St Jean celebrated with much more brilliance this year, the Father Peter had the visit of the father Claude with his family, from Jacmel. Father Claude celebrated together with Father Pierre the liturgy of the feast of St John. Father Pierre was very happy with the support of Father Claude who helped him in many teachings. The father gave very strong advice on this occasion to encourage all Haitians to come together to make plans for the reconstruction of this beautiful country which has become unlivable due to our selfishness. He ended his advice by also asking the parishioners to pray for our superiors and our benefactors.

Everything had gone well and the meal was in the school space to share the special food together on this occasion.

We share some photos of the activities of this beautiful patronal feast of the parish of St Jean de Shanghai and San Francisco in the Russian Orthodox Mission Outside Haiti located in the south of the country.


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