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Photos and report from Kindergarden Les Petits St Jeannais Des Cayes

School: Les Petits St Jeannais

Parish St Jean de Shangai and San Francisco (Cayes)

Reader Jonas Leger, director

March 2020 report

The school of St. Jean (Les Petits St Jeannais) since its creation 14 years ago in a remote area of the south of the country, has always benefited from the support of benefactors. Their support has enabled the school to recover from the hurricane Matthew when the school had lost everything: the equipment was looted, the violent wind carried the roof of the school, part of the wall was collapsed. We really had a lot of difficulties to resume and especially with the distance which has became too expensive to overcome.

The school had resumed with the will of all within the very walls of the church. Taking into account the needs which are felt, the school had to reconstitute quickly with the support of the donors from France through the reader Martin.

With the construction of the St Jean Church we also had to build a space for the school of St Jean. We thank André from St Vladimir church for his support in the construction of this church and this school.

This school operates on the basis of donations received: paying salaries, having equipment, making repairs, installing games are all possible thanks to the unconditional support of our donors.

We call Mat. Rose as responsible level of funding's mission to deliver our demands.

For this month we have created the identification of each child by delivering their ID card. It is mandatory for parents or any other person to recover his child. We are doing this for the safety of children with all that is happening in the country.


Jonah Reader


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