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News from Haiti, feast of St. Nicholas 2022

The feast of St. Nicholas, (at his Church at Cape Haitian in the north of Haiti) is celebrated again this year with in an extremely difficult period. Always with the problems of insecurity, the high cost of living, no electricity, no drinking water, in short the lack of everything. An inhuman life in unsanitary conditions without any social protection, a life that requires a lot of reflection, only faith in God that relieves the atrocious misery of this people. Add epidemics of fever, flu, diarrhea, and cholera that rages. Father Jean was sick, but he made a lot of effort to go to the parish of St. Nicholas, God helped him in all the activities planned for his visit. The good welcome of the parishioners was also his strength to restore a little. Fifty baptisms according to the report of the main reader Joseph.

The visits of the sick, the marriage of a reader, vespers and the liturgy of the feast were beautiful and well done. The feast of St. Nicholas brought much joy to the parishioners who met the priest to empty themselves in confession and reported their suffering. All this has relieved them and gives them a little hope for the end of the year holidays by clutching a small memo of heaven from Father Jean's hand and hopes for the little it is.

In Christ, Matuska Rose Legoute

Secretary of the Council of the Russian Orthodox Mission Abroad in Haiti


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