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News of the The Feast of the Birth of the Mother of God Parish in Port-au-Prince

Amid never before seen hardship, fear and danger.

Dear Fathers and Faithful Bless and say a pray for us ! The Our Lady of the Nativity celebrated this year with the greatest concern, violent demonstrations, scenes of looting of shops, banks and some transfer houses, followed by general strikes were at the rendezvous. Father Jean had great difficulty in going to church with burning barricades were at every step of the streets. Heavily armed men occupied every corner. No one could go out, Father Jean took the risk of crossing the corridors to get to the Parish. It was fear, the violence was second to none. The feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God took place rather on Sunday, Father Jean had no choice made to this dangerous situation. The organizers of these violent activities had announced a pose on Saturday and Sunday to stock up, because they will start their packages again. The Parishioners had the chance to cross the barricades to meet and celebrate together even with the great fear that settles in the country. Thank God, everyone was there not only to celebrate Our Lady but also to share their painful experience during these moments of terror. The toll of these violent activities is really very heavy, many private and public companies are looted and destroyed under the flames of fire in Port-au-Prince and in all the departments of the country, transport in general blocked, many deaths by bullets, much more kidnapping, theft, rape, scarcity of food, no fuel, the price of groceries are five times more, the majority of the hospitals announce their closure, sick people die in large numbers for lack of medical care. This is the disaster father Daniel! The parish celebrated with great pain and fear. Father Jean could not move, the people as usual who were preparing the dinner of the party could not go out for the purchases either. Scarcity of water, scarcity of propane gas. It's really very hard the current situation. We really don't know how we're going to be able to continue in this painful situation. Instead, Father Jean gave envelopes with a few pennies to the parishioners to allow them to return home and also eat something. We need your prayers! Here are some shots of the liturgy of the feast of Our Lady in the parish of Our Lady of the Nativity of the Mother of God. In Christ, Mathuska Rose Legoute Secretary of the Board of Directors


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