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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, supporters of our Haiti Mission,

    Since the Great Earthquake in Haiti, ten years ago, this Office has been  working together with the Fund for Assistance of ROCOR in New York and the Haiti Mission Administration Office in Port-au-Prince, especially as regards the Haiti Orthodox Family Relief Program (HOFR). Donations received in Miami every month were sent to the FFA, who then added other donations received by them. Then the FFA then sends the total sponsorship funds needed to Haiti via bank transfer, once a month.

   Now, the Haiti Administration Office in Port-au-Prince will be solely in charge of selecting HOFR candidates for sponsorship and keeping ongoing financial and other necessary data for Program transparency.

   Beginning October 1st, 2020, we ask all of our HOFR donors, to change their present addressee for donating to the HOFR Fund; whether it be by Pay Pal, monthly checks, bank debit, one year “bulk Payment “ sponsorships, or any other means. From October 1st, all donations for the HOFR Program, should only be sent directly to the:


PO BOX 272                                   

Glen cove, NY   11542

or via Pay Pal @

In the Options "Use this donations for" select "Haiti Mission".

    The Haiti Administration Office in Port-au-Prince will continue to receive all of your donations for the HOFR Program, just as they have for the past ten years, that is, from the FFA New York Office via monthly wire transfer to the Haiti Mission Bank in Port-au Prince, who then make direct transfers to the bank accounts of the separate sponsored families. This change will help a lot to simplify the present cumbersome method of transferring HOFR funds through four separate banks before the HOFR families receive their needed funds.

Thank you for your continuous support of HOFR mission.


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