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The Bullets are continually flying at their feet in Haiti

Pray for us.

We thank God for helping us to spend the night, as I explained to you in the last correspondence, the war of the armed men has strengthened. In our neighborhood, we couldn't sleep with the sound of automatic weapons fire and this morning it's worse, everyone in the neighborhood is on the lookout and taking cover, lost bullets are crossing everywhere and so, we picked up six that fell on the schoolyard. One hit in a tree and returns to fall near our feet, where we were working together.

We made the decision to close the doors of the school administration. As you already know that school has not been able to resume until today. The members of the management of the Foyer d'amour who were working to set up a platform to prepare the lessons to send to the children on watsapp groups set up specifically for this purpose. I share the photo of these lost bullets that reach us.

Thank God for protecting us.

In Christ, Mathuska Rose Legoute


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