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Haiti Festive News. Your support is of extreme importance.

Three parishes of the recently celebrated one after the other their St Paton. The parish of St Augustin first of all, it is located in the South-East of the Country, with Father Claude Pierre thus following the Parish of St Jean de Shanghai and San Francisco in the great south of Haiti, Father Pierre Laguerre is the parish priest. St Pierre and Paul in Léogane celebrated in its new church built less than a year ago.

These celebrations reawakened the joy of getting closer together. Despite the difficult situation in the country, invaluable efforts have been made on the occasion of these feasts so that the priests with their families and some parishioners visit each other, moments of conviviality, comfort and sharing between them were very strong. At a time when the whole country is in motion with the humanitarian program which welcomes a large number of citizens of the country, signals are sent to the different communities where our churches are to tell them that our church is still there, they are still staying and that our priests are there with you, they have not left. The Mission continues to do what is necessary to strengthen the young people, the families of Haiti weakened by this unbearable crisis which has already lasted too long. The Mission is already preparing the feast of St Moise, Our Lady and St Nicolas for soon. In St Nicolas, the main reader Désitéus of Notre Dame is already on site to help strengthen the readership in St Nicolas for the past two weeks. Reader Joseph de St Nicolas is in critical condition with his health. We ask for your prayers on his behalf.

Currently all schools are closed for the summer holidays. Official reviews are ongoing. Because of the turbulence during all the year which prevented the schools from respecting the number of days, school closures have been delayed in an effort to make up for missed school days. Thank God all the schools of the Mission managed to complete the school year even with great difficulty.

At the Foyer D'Amour at the time of the shooting, the stray bullets fell in the middle of the classroom on the schoolyard, and everywhere, also at the church of St Moise the projectiles pierced the sheet metal roof of the building. Our Mission unites in prayer for the return of peace in the country and also for the health of our hierarchical superiors and also for all our donors.

The situation in Haiti is still really very complicated, your support to all is of extreme importance.

We share photos of some activities in Haiti parishes with you.


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