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The Day of the Parish Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul at the newly built Church in Leogane

Mathuska Rose Legoute shared with us how the newly built Church in Leogane celebrated the feast of St Peter and Paul.

The feast of St Peter and Paul set in motion the entire Mission in Haiti. Father Jules wanted to be with all his confreres; he had launched invitations to the priests of the other parishes who responded favorably to his invitation, the Father Peter in Les Cayes, was forced to stay at home with unstable blood pressure. The celebration brought together Father John, Fr. Claude from Jacmel and his family, parishioners, friends of the community and visitors. Father Jules parish priest of the Parish of St Pierre and Paul and his family welcomed their visitors from different parishes so well; Mathuska Rose and several other parishioners of St Moise were also in attendance. The Parish of St Peter and Paul, in its newly built building, celebrated in the light with the golden advice of Father John Dumais in his homily for the occasion. Father Jean made a reminder about the importance of the family and their role in the lives of children. He asked parents to be much more vigilant and much more present to protect children from all these excesses that currently exist in our society. He also spoke about the work of accompanying the Matushki in our church. He explained the life of St Peter and Paul asking to take them as our model. Father Jules made the presentation of the new baptized and then he thanked the Metropolitan Nicolas for his support to the Mission, he said to himself to be very grateful for the support of Father Daniel, the various benefactors who help to hold the Mission, basically he thanked all the priests. And all the attendees… Note that the violence on all our routes to St. Pierre and Paul did not prevent us from celebrating and being so well together. Everything went very well, a wonderful day in an atmosphere of prayer; new knowledge, reunions, exchanges, and sharing. We need it for the comfort of all of us. A nice reception was offered on this occasion with fish while remembering the apostle Peter who was a fisherman.


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