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The Joyful Parish Feast Day of St. Moses the Black

The Feast of St Moses was a success as expected, despite the demonstrations throughout the country, many roads were blocked by the demonstrators. The organizing committee of the feast was afraid that it would not have a priest for the celebration of the liturgy of the feast of St. Moses. He had made the invitation to the three other priests of the Mission apart from Father John.

Father Pierre also Father Claude tried to come, the southern road was blocked, they had to repay the way. Thank God Fathers Jean and Jules crossed the barricaded roads with motorcycles with the help of the people they paid. Seeing them arrive safe and sound all the people in St Moses who were waiting were so happy.

We all wanted to be together for the Feast of St Moses, we could not have Fathers Claude and Pierre because of turbulence. Everything had gone so well, we all needed to confess, to receive communion, to receive the priest's blessing during the liturgy and to sing certain songs that for months have not been sung. It was too beautiful to see everyone with a smile on their faces and wishing each other "happy birthday St Moses" The liturgy was followed by a possession, group photos, a cultural activity with the young children and then a hearty dinner.

People who have always wanted to exchange with priests either for spiritual or personal things have been able to meet them. Priests, parishioners, children, and friends were all very happy. We prayed to God that the weapons of war would not be heard and a great miracle occurred, before and throughout the feast the whole area and surroundings had become quiet, not a sound of shooting, a celebration in the greatest of calms. What a wonder! Father Jean and Jules and everyone returned home without any problems. Glory to God! Our thanks to Father Daniel and Matushka Sophia, Father Jean, Father Jûles who by their touches made this day a memorable day.


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