Book of Need (updated)
posted 03/18/15

Good News for Our Russian Orthodox Parish in Jacmel
posted 03/18/15

Fr. Augustine Gesnel recently returned home to Jacmel for a short break from his studies at the Russian seminary in Paris. He visited his family and participated in the recent visit of Metropolitan Hilarion to Haiti. Fr. Augustine has since returned to Paris to complete his studies, afterwhich he hopes to serve as the parish priest in Jacmel.

Our Haitian seminarian, then Deacon, Augustine Gesnel was ordained a priest by Archbishop Michael of Geneva. The services took place at the consecration of the new Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God, in Paris, Epinay-sous-Senart, September 29, 2014.

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Appeal for Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR) Thanksgiving from Haiti
posted 03/10/14

Interview with Mrs. Milord Wilner (English) (По Русски)


See Wonderful Kindness of Our St. Ireneas School in Haiti (Maissade)
posted 10/04/12

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News of Our Haiti Mission Seminarian in Paris
posted 09/19/12

Our Haitian Seminarian in Paris, Martin Dumais, is seen here in the link below, participating in the service of the Blessing of the Bells, for the new wooden church being built at the Russian Orthodox Seminary near Paris. By the kindness of the seminary Directors, Martin has been given free tuition for his five year course of studies.

While in Paris, his family in Haiti is being helped by the ROCOR Fund for Assistance sponsorship of the Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR) program.

HOFR sponsors donate essential aid of $200. a month for Readers families and $100. a month for other families. Martin is a second year student of the seminary and the son of Fr. Jean Dumais, one of our two priests serving the seven parishes of the Haiti Orthodox Mission of ROCOR.

A second student from our Haiti Mission, Reader Augustin Gesiel from Jacmel, will begin his studies in Paris in October. His family is also being aided by the sponsorship of the HOFR program.

The education of seminarians for the priesthood, to serve in Haiti, is a good example of the cooperation of ROCOR and the MoscowPatriarchate working together for the benefit of our Haiti Orthodox Mission

Pictures from Divine Liturgy for the Nativity of our Lord
posted 05/31/12

A Plea for Your Help from Our Suffering Orthodox Faithful in Haiti
posted 04/25/12

Haiti Othodox Plea for Help

Haiti Orthodox Missioin Map

Haiti Mission Earthquake Report One Year Later
posted 01/20/11

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Conference of Readers of the Orthodox Mission in Haiti
posted 01/20/11

The clergy of the Orthodox Mission of Haiti of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia organized a conference from the 27th to the 29th of December 2010 in order to strengthen the Orthodox services in every parish of the Mission. Participating in this conference were the two priests of the Mission, Father Jean Chenier Dumais and Father Gregoire (Jean- Marie) Legoute as well as Father Deacon Jules Dume, 17 readers from different communities including four (4) from the parish of Our Lady of the Nativity of the Mother of God, three (3) readers from the parish of St.Moses the Black, two (2) from the parish of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Leogane, one (1) reader from the parish of Saint Augustine in Jacmel, four (4) readers from the parish of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco in Le Cayes, two (2) readers from the parish of St. Nicholas in Cape Haitien and two (2) altar servers from the parish of St.Moses the Black.

The ceremony began with a liturgy in the Parish of Saint Moses at 8 o'clock in the morning and immediately after, the participants went to the local Centre of the HOME OF LOVE( School for children living with a disability) where everything was ready for this great event.

The responsibilities of the readers in the Church, worship, confession and communion, the hierarchy in the church, catechism, the quality of the faith, proper preparation for services were the points discussed at this conference. Note that this activity was conducted in a climate of peace, love, friendship and fraternity. The discussions were very fruitful, with each participant pleased and satisfied and wishing to organize another meeting to strenghten the Orthodox Faith in Haiti.

53 Baptized in Jacmel
posted 11/01/10

Fund for Assistance news article.
Cape Haitian St. Nicholas Parish
posted 11/01/10

Bishop Michael serves the Divine Liturgy in Leogane
posted 11/01/10

On the 13th of August, 2010, Bishop Michael served the Divine Liturgy in a tent church near the ruins of the old Church of Sts. Peter and Paul that was destroyed by the earthquake.

Newly Ordained Readers and a Deacon of Haiti
posted 10/14/10

August 15, 2010 Bishop Michael of Geneva ordained 14 readers for our seven parishes in Haiti. Also, jules Dumais, the son of Fr. Jean Dumais was ordained to become a deacon. In Christ, Fr. Daniel

Archpastoral Visit to Haiti
posted 09/14/10

Photos taken during the archpastoral visit to the parish of Blessed Augustine in Jacmel.

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